Betfair trading software built for Tennis trading

Here is how Bet Angel can help you improve the effectiveness of your Betfair trading strategies throughout the Tennis season.

Whether trading Tennis on Betfair is something new for you, or are simply looking to enhance or refine your existing Betfair trading strategy. There will be something we have that can help you. Bet Angel contains a vast range of Tennis trading features designed specifically to maximise the opportunities you have when trading Tennis.

  • Practice mode – Use all features in Bet Angel without any risk to your money while you experiment.
  • Tennis Live scores – Straight from the umpires desk, get the latest scores instantly in Bet Angel
  • Tennis trader – Plan your perfect trade – Find out where the odds are heading, before the match starts.
  • Watch list – Pin it your list and keep an eye on all the key matches and their scores.
  • Live scores and trading via Excel – Trade from and get live scores Into spreadsheets
  • Advanced automation – Completely automate your Tennis trading
  • Alert and switching – Get Bet Angel to find that perfect entry point and switch or alert you.
  • Steaming odds – With streaming, you can monitor and do many things at lightning speed

Review all Bet Angel’s key features in the user guide: –

Don’t know any about Tennis trading and keen to learn?

To learn more about trading Tennis trading, visit the free Tennis trading course on the Bet Angel Academy

You can also learn more by clicking here to read Tennis posts on the blog or forum where we have a dedicated section: –

Free Tennis automation files

If you want to have a play with automation or pursue a detailed strategy then we have created a range of Tennis specific automation files for you to use or edit to suit. You can download them from the forum: –

Download and give it a try, Free 14 day trial

We have invested a huge amount of resources into making Bet Angel the ultimate Betfair Tennis trading software and it now stands out as being something a bit special, more than just a standard point and trade interface. Combine the Tennis trading features with the incredibly powerful automation or semi-automation and you can give yourself that vital edge against other traders. The automation, semi-automation & profiling tools will pay themselves just from the time you save by letting Bet Angel manage repetitive tasks automatically for you.

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