Using Watch List’s to Trade Busy Summer Markets

Watch the video above for a full explanation of how to spawn multiple ladder screens, how to use Guardian across multiple markets and how to use watch lists.

As we steam head on into the summer months some of the hardest choices you’re going to be faced with this time of year is deciding where to focus your attention and which sport or markets to trade, with the Horse Racing’s flat season now in full flow we are entering the time of year for the big flat festival meetings like the Derby and Royal Ascot, we have Tennis in full swing with the European circuit well into its stride and 3 of the 4 annual grand slams taking place within 3 months, there are upcoming Cricket series’ and if all that’s not enough this year also sees the FIFA World Cup!

With so much going on and so many trading opportunities you will need to have eyes everywhere if you want to maximize profits over the coming months.

This is why a tool like Bet Angel Professional’s ‘Watch List’ is invaluable at this time of year, it’s one of my most used tools especially while we’re in the busy peak season, the simple fact is without it I couldn’t come close to trading the amount of markets I do at this time of year!

What is a Watchlist

Watchlists are simple but a neat and effective way for you to monitor as many markets as you want and from any sport. Think of them as a sort of post-it note which can be pinned anywhere on your screen displaying key information from the market including odds, traded volume, P/L, live tennis scores etc all of which is fully customizable by the user.

You can also jump directly into any of the markets from a watch list with a single click, allowing you to react almost instantly if you spot an opportunity in a market other than the one you currently have on your main screen, it’s even possible to green up any of your existing positions directly from the watch list without the need to open it on your main screen allowing you to continue trading your current market uninterrupted.

For some detailed examples on using a Watchlist see this thread from the forum

Creating a Watch List

Creating a Watch list could not be easier, simply add your markets to guardian then click on the watch tab, from here add any markets you want to a watch list or sync a watch list with all the markets you have added to guardian, and if one watch list is not enough don’t worry you can create up to five!

So, no matter how much is going on at the same time there is never a reason to miss any of the upcoming major events and opportunities that they will throw up this summer, so all that leaves me to say is good luck to everyone and make as much hay as you can while the sun shines!


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