Optimised hedging for increased trading profits

If your trading two runner markets like Tennis, Cricket, O/U X.5 goals in soccer etc then you should be using ‘Optimised Greening’.

By enabling this option within Bet Angel it will give you increased flexibility when greening up allowing you to maximize your profits and minimize your losses in all markets where there are only two selections.

To enable this, go into your main settings area and on to the ‘Green up’ tab, here you will see an option ‘Use Optimised green up calculation for markets with 2 selections’

Once enabled ‘Optimised Greening’ will allow you to green up using either selection which is very useful if you can’t place your greening up bet on the selection you placed your opening trade on ie, due to lack of liquidity.


For example still with the regular green up calculation being done I have opened a normal lay trade on the 1st selection and the price has now moved in my favour a few ticks and I have the option to green up for a profit, however the best price I can green up at is 1.80 giving a £1.11 profit, and of course you will notice the P/L figures on the 2nd ladder all show £0.00.

Now with ‘Optimised Greening’ enabled the P/L figures now also appear on the 2nd selection (even though no trade has been opened on that selection), now giving you the opportunity to green up using either selection.

In this example, because I have opened with a lay bet on the first ladder it means to green up using the 2nd ladder when you click a P/L figure it will require another lay bet (not a back bet).
Looking at the 2nd ladder you can see the best price for me to green up at is 2.22 which returns a profit of £3.26, this is an extra £2.15 more profit from the same trade but would not have been possible without enabling the ‘Optimised Greening’ option.

Just from this one trade its giving us a little over 1% extra profit on the initial stake used, added up over several hundred trades and it becomes a serious amount of extra profit for doing nothing differently

Even in a very liquid market with no gaps between the prices on either selection you can still squeeze out extra profits or reduce your losses by using the opposite selection to green up on.

For example, look at the image above again and imagine there are no gaps on either ladder, if the price went 1 tick against you then on the 1st ladder you could green up for a loss of -£1.12, but by using the 2nd ladder the loss is only -£0.99 meaning you will lose 13p less by using the 2nd ladder to green up for a 1 tick loss.

Again over time all these reduced losses will add up and combinded should save you a tidy amount at the end of each month/quarter and with the extra profits made it can make a big difference to every stratergy you use on two runner markets.

Once you have enabled ‘optimised greening’ if you open a market with three or more runners it will automatically revert to the regular greening up calculation, then when you next open a two-runner market it will switch back to optimised greening.

Because of that I personally just have this enabled on all my settings profiles, but if for some reason you would prefer to trade some markets with it enabled and others without it then you can just save separate settings profiles for each.

  1. Black Ice 6 years ago

    Fantastically helpful Dallas…as always. Very many thanks!!

  2. David Griffiths 3 years ago

    This is really clever. I am thinking of starting to learn how to trade cricket next summer so I have bookmarked this post.

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