See Your Potential Profit with – What If?

Bet Angel’s what if function

The ‘What If’ option available on the Bet Angel Ladder and One-Click trading screens allows you to plan your trades quickly and easily without the need for a calculator. It can be especially useful if your new to trading or using Betfair trading software like Bet Angel as it allows you to see the profit/loss from a bet before you actually submit it.

This is of course easy to work out if your backing something at 2.0 for £100, but if laying something at say 3.80 for £75 its takes more a few seconds to work out exactly what your risking and if it’s acceptable to you.

Another common use for the ‘What If’ option is if you already have an open position’s and want to see how a bet you’re considering placing will then affect those positions. Or perhaps you are considering reducing the liability you have on a selection but don’t know what stake you need to submit at the current price to reduce it to the liability you want, and/or how much it will affect the other selections.

Once enabled the ‘What If’ option works the same on both the ladder and one-click screen, you simply need to point your cursor over a back or lay price as if you were going to place a bet and the software will calculate and display the ‘What If’ Profit/loss amounts the bet will have next to each selection based on the price you’re pointing at, the stake and staking method selected.

In the images below I’m using a £100 stake and you can see the prices I have the cursor pointing at, you can then see highlighted the ‘What If; profit from this bet, if I move the cursor over other prices this value will then immediately update, and of course as it’s a £100 back bet it means I will have a -£100 loss on all other selections.

Enabling ‘What If’

To enable the What If display on the ladder screen, simply click the spanner icon to open the ladder settings area and select the ‘Additional Information’ tab, for the information type you need to select ‘Profit Values’ then ‘What If Projected – Profit & Loss’. If you don’t want it displayed above your ladders you can use the ‘Display Order’ tab to position it anywhere you want.

On the one click screen click the ‘Column Chooser’ (the grid icon with a yellow line through it), and at the bottom of the list tick the ‘What If’ boxes. You will then see the new custom columns appear at the end of your one-click grid. (These can be dragged and dropped into any order).

You are now ready to go, an added bonus of this feature means you can just leave it enabled and go about your regular trading/betting but at a glance can always see the impact the bet will have before you click your mouse. As in the image below, a back bet has already been placed a £100 back bet on the 3rd runner and now looking at laying the 2nd runner at 7.2, before clicking the mouse I can clearly see what my potential liability (loss) will be on this runner and how the updated P/L on all other runners.

What if
  1. Stephen 2 years ago

    Hi when I try to do this I am unable to select the required information type – only has preset information and shared stored value available. How can this be rectified?


  2. Stephen 2 years ago

    Thanks for your help Dallas, I have now got this working.

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