Thank you Bet Angel customers – We love you!

The start

Back in 2004, I did a series of presentations at Financial trader events. My role was to explain what I was doing on betting exchanges, basically trading them like financial markets.

In the 90’s I’d been trading a lot on financial markets, but getting access to the same tools the professionals use was very difficult and pricing was a severe barrier. But as we moved into the new millennium more tools became available and things were looking up.

On Betfair, there were some rudimentary Betfair trading software available, but they were nothing like I was using in financials. So I knew I had to create what I wanted and had to find a way to do it.

Getting established

The problem I faced was whether I coded something myself or if I got somebody in to help. I was like a kid in a sweet shop in the markets, so I figured it may be better to get somebody on board. So I started canvassing for interested parties.

By coincidence, somebody who attended a presentation emailed me and asked if I had thought about creating software. We immediately hit it off, and Bet Angel was born.

Curiously it wasn’t called Bet Angel at first. It was called something else, but the domain was not available. Bet Angel, the second choice, was available and that’s how it got its final name.

I was keen to ramp up development quickly, and that would require somebody full-time on the coding. So we figured that if we made Bet Angel available to purchase, it may give us enough money for a full-time developer, maybe.

As a result, the first copy of Bet Angel was sold in February 2005.

Where we are now

Incredibly it’s now 18 years since Bet Angel was launched. But much has changed since then.

No sooner had we released Bet Angel, than we realised that fulfilling the needs of our new customers was going to be vital to helping our customers achieve what they wanted. So before long, we started fielding requests for updates and improvements. Fairly soon after launch, it was obvious that Bet Angel would be driven by our customers.

That is a process that has continued continuously since then. If you visit our release schedule on the forum, you will see that we keep on moving Bet Angel forward: –

Some of this, like the integration of live racecourse data from TPD, came through ideas we had and often takes more than just a bit of coding to bring to you. But a lot of features and enhancements are suggestions and recommendations from customers. For that, we are very grateful.

The next version of Bet Angel will include a mixture of clever things you haven’t thought of yet and a range of customer suggestions.

That wouldn’t be possible without your support, suggestions and, of course, funding which we continue to plough into new features.

And for that, we are very grateful.

Bet Angel customers, we love you!

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