Trading Tennis at the Australian Open

January is when the Tennis season starts up again and it’s a great time to get some Tennis trading experience under your belt. With weaker markets elsewhere, the Australian Open is a great time to get going on Tennis.

If you want a quick browse of previous advice dispensed on Tennis, click here to search the blog for Tennis articles. But also view the playlist on The forum is full of chatter from previous tournaments that should help you get some additional insight. It also contains Tennis specific automation files that may be of interest.

Bet Angel also contains a range of Tennis special tennis tools that should interest you, see further down this post.

The battleground – Djokovic vs Murray

We have had some memorable tournaments in the past and this one promises to be as interesting. It is being positioned as a shoot-out between Djokovic and Murray. I wrote about this potential in Gambling magazine back in 2011. Back then I was looking at potential grand slam wins for Murray and who would stop him achieving that. Through really in-depth research you can find a lot of really useful things. Being ahead of the curve can also allow you to find some decent trading opportunities, well before people have even thought of them.

Djokovic has dominated the Aussie open in recent years and more specifically from about 2010 when he feel ill in the quarter-finals. Since then he has been in 5/6 finals and most of them against Murray. Murray will have to pull out a really special effort this time to add to this list of grand slams. It will be intriguing if this will be his year. Don’t forget that it’s summer in Melbourne and that heat has often been a factor.

Probably the most memorable final was in 2012, a near six-hour epic between Djokovic and Nadal. I remember this well as I cancelled a meeting to watch the two of them slug it out. It was a classic.

Bet Angel’s first class Tennis tools

We have invested heavily over a number of years, to bring you some top quality Tennis trading tools on Bet Angel.

Whether you have traded Tennis before or not; using Bet Angel’s specialist tools will help you test some basic trading ideas, improve your knowledge of the market without too much effort, or allow you to trade the markets just that much better. Bet Angel is packed with these Tennis specific features: –

Tennis trader

This is a unique odds profiling tool, that will allow you to figure out the potential payoff on a trade. Forecast likely future odds, to time your entry or exit in any particular match. Find key points within a match to trade from. Test strategies without using anymore before the match has started.

High speed live scores

Get real-time score live on your desktop, straight from the umpire’s chair. Add the live scores to Tennis trader or your watch lists to keep an eye on whats going on and receive score updates, probably before you even see them on SKY! (Subject to Betfair providing the feed)

Completely automate your Tennis trading

The time difference in Australia can pose a problem for trading, but not if you automate. With Bet Angel’s advanced automation you can completely automate your Tennis trading. If you don’t want to do that you can simply use it to look for opportunities across all the matches and alert you when it finds one. It can send you an audio alert and even switch to a market when it finds a match that has met any of your criteria. To make life really easy for you, we have created a list of pre-prepared automation files for you to download: –

I’ll post some more specific stuff up during the week, as the Aussie open gets underway. Until then have a play and enjoy!

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