Newmarket July Meeting

The Newmarket July meeting starts today and is a decent highlight on the journey through the Month.

A decent highlight in summer middling markets

I’ve had mixed results over the years and is the sort of meeting where you want to do well, but you can’t push it as hard as at other meetings. If the opportunity strikes, you can usually make the most of it and get a decent result.

In my experience, it’s the sort of meeting where you can’t take anything for granted or expect to do well. You have to work a bit for a decent result. That said, it’s likely to produce a few decent results and will be a departure from the day to day grind you can see in the early part of these sort of weeks.

My first ever race meeting

Curiously, this was the first ever race meeting I ever attended. I was dealing with a logistics company in the Midlands whose boss was a racing fanatic and he invited us to the meeting. This was some time ago now, long before I knew anything about racing. I was in the hospitality tent and had a nice dinner on a hot day. I remember it so well, just like you do with most first experiences. I also remember, in my naivety, backing a heavy odds on horse on the Tote and watching as it got turned over.

The rest of the meeting sort of faded into a blur of fine food and drink and I can’t remember much else apart from the grogginess of the next morning. We stayed in a lovely hotel in the centre of Newmarket and went for a stable tour the next day. But having not been ‘into’ racing at that point. I couldn’t tell you which one it was now.

The meeting runs from Thursday to Saturday and has plenty of group racing and is worthy of your attention. Good luck!

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