Downloading & Installing software on your VPS

You may want to, or be required to, install software or updates to the software you have installed on your VPS. If you can’t install software on your VPS it may be that the download is “blocked”.

Because your Windows server / VPS is connected to the internet 24×7, security tends to heavily restrict what software can be installed without your specific permission.

So there are two ways to ensure you are able to install or update your software.

(1) Copy and paste from your local PC to the VPS

Ensure the clipboard is enabled in your client software, ‘client software’ is the software you use on your local computer to connect to the VPS. You should find the clipboard under an options or settings menu if you wish to check.

Download the software you want to install to your local PC. Then copy and paste it to the VPS. You should find that the software is ready to install.

(2) Unblock the software downloaded onto your VPS

If you download the software using a browser directly onto your VPS then you may need to unblock the software.

To unblock the software, download it to the VPS and make a note of where that file is located.

Then right-click on the icon and locate the ‘Unblock’ option on the bottom right of the dialogue box. Click to unblock the software and you should be able to run the application.

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