Advanced Variable Dutching Calculator

Dutching on betting markets – The Concept

You may already be familiar with Dutching. But if you are not, here is the concept.

When you place a back bet into a betting market or with a bookmaker or sportsbook you are doing traditional gambling. You are betting on something to win. If you don’t pick a winner, you lose your stake. Your stake is fixed and your return varies depending on the odds you are given.

When Dutching you are more or less doing the opposite. You pick how much you want to win against your stake then apply that to your bet. The great thing is you don’t need to pick just one winner, you only choose one selection from range of selections in the market.

You only place back bets when you Dutch in a traditional sense, you don’t place a lay bet. This betting strategy is not about the stake on each selection, but all about the amount staked across multiple selections, but you limit your total stake for an equal profit.

To give you some more insight. Let us say you are Dutching the Grand National, probably the most famous horse race in the world. There are 40 runners in that race but only one can win. Picking that winner is incredibly hard on what can only be described as ‘Bingo on legs’. With Dutching you choose how much you want to win and pick multiple selections, of which only one needs to win.

Advanced Dutching calculator in Bet Angel

One thing that can be frustrating with traditional and basic Dutching is that you choose three or four selections/runners in a market only to see it’s the fifth one that wins meaning your regular dutch bet is lost.

Bet Angel’s advanced Dutching tool offers a solution to this with a method of Dutching often referred to as Variable Dutching.

When you look at the staking methods available in the Bet Angel Dutching tool one of the methods you’ll see is ‘Back to a Target Profit of’. As its name suggests with this method you simply set the profit you want to achieve then tick the selections/runners you want to Dutch and Bet Angel will calculate the individual stakes required so that each selection picked will return a profit of £25 if it wins.

Taking Back Control

That’s not the best part of using this method, Bet Angel then allows you to take further control and ‘Override’ this target profit for individual selections. Therefore you could say something like, I want to make £25 if the Fav or 2nd Fav wins, but only make a profit of £15 if the 3rd Fav wins and want to breakeven if the 4th – 6th Fav wins – and you’ll take a loss on any other selection winning.

Overriding your target profit effectively lets you weight your profits more towards the selections/runners you think more likely to win and less on towards those your not so sure of, the overall effect of this is it then reduces any losses you have on the remaining selections.

Dutching a football correct score market

You can use Dutching on all your favourite sports. Here is an example of me using Advanced Dutching in a Correct Score market in a football match were I’ll be ‘Backing to a Target Profit’ of £25 in a match between Bournemouth and Spurts.

After evaluating the match I’m expecting it to be a low scoring game which I think Spurs may just edge. Of course, being uncertain of what the actual score might be I’m going to be Dutching several correct score lines and covering a few outcomes and using Bet Angels advanced Dutching calculator will be weighing the profits more on low scoring wins for Spurs while still covering other score lines in some way.

In the image below I’ve ticked the 10 score lines I want to Dutch, for the purposes of this example I’ve just taken the current back prices for all of them but if I wanted to I could have offered some of the bets at the current lay price or set my own manual prices. Regardless of which is used Bet Angel will then work out the stakes required for each selection and show them to you in the ‘Stakes’ column.

In the ‘Override’ target profit column I’ve ticked the score lines I wish to change the profit for.

If the match finishes 0-0, 1-0 & 1-1 scores I don’t want to risk anything so have overridden the target profits of these so I win £0. In other words, if any of these scores is the final result I’m prepared to walk away from this bet without winning or losing anything.
For 2-0, 2-1 & 0-3 I’m prepared to lose a fiver should the game finish with one of these scores.
The remaining low scoring wins for Spurs I will profit £25 (my target amount).

I’ve now created a position for myself where believing it will be a low scoring match that Spurs may edge I can only lose my full stake if Bournemouth win 3-0 or there are 4 or more goals.

Providing the match ends with any other score it will return either a profit, break-even or minimal £5 loss.

Bet Angel’s – Advanced Dutching calculator

Bet Angel has always been about doing things differently and when we looked at Dutching we decided to mix things up a bit. So Bet Angel has the most advanced dutching calculator available. Using it you can do a whole range of clever things, instantaneously.

Bet Angel will do all the complicated calculations and you just need to decide what selections to cover and how much you want to win. Bet Angel will calculate everything for you, you just need to hit the place bets button.

Bet Angel’s Dutching tool works in practice mode. So feel free to log in to Bet Angel in practice mode and find out more about its Advanced dutching calculator. See the video for more guidance.

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