Display special trading information on the Ladder

The following post will show how if you’re using Bet Angel V1.51.1 or above you can display additional information like the Last Traded Price (LTP) on your ladder screen as in the image above, this can be very useful especially if you’re an In-Play trader using the ladder screen to trade from as the prices will often keep moving in and out of view particularly at the business end of the race.

To set this up first go into your ladder settings area by clicking the spanner icon while on your ladder screen, then select the ‘Additional Information’ tab and enter the information as shown in the image below

Next download the rules file I have created from here, you”ll need to be a registered forum user and logged in to access the file, if your not already a member after clicking the link you can click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner of your screen to join – its free and only takes around 60 secs after which you will have access to all other attachments and data etc from the forum.

After you have done that open Guardian and on the main banner click on ‘Import File’ and navigate to the folder you downloaded the above file to on your PC, then you just need to add the day’s markets into Guardian and apply the rules file to those markets as shown in the image below.

Now when you open a market on your ladder screen the LTP will now be shown above your ladders just as it is in the main image at the top, if you want it displayed in a different area on your ladder then just re-open the ladder settings and click on ‘Display Columns’ and move the ‘Additional Area’ column to your desired location using the up/down arrows

Making Changes

I have created the rules file to update the LTP every 200ms for the 1st six ladders, if you have streaming enabled and are refreshing faster than this then you may want to increase this, to do this open Guardian and with the Last Traded Price file selected click ‘Edit Rules File’

Then select each rule one at a time and change the ‘Seconds before rearming’ time, ie, if you were refreshing at 80ms this would be changed to 0.08, then click apply and select the next rule and repeat this again. Once you have done this for them all click the disc icon at the top of the window to save the changes made.

If you wish to add more rules to cover extra ladders with the bottom rule highlighted click the icon with two green arrows, this will duplicate the whole rule. Now edit the Rule Name to ‘Store LTP Row 7’ and in the ‘Applies to Selection’ area change this to ‘in Row 7 (Betfair Order)’
and repeat that for each additional ladder you want the LTP to be displayed on.

Having Total Control and Flexibility

Effectively by creating a rules file to ‘Store a Value’ of something (ie the LTP)  means Bet Angel gives you full control over what you want to store and then where its to be displayed, this can be on either or both your ladder and one-click screens.

Here is just one of many other examples from our forum,  in this instance a ‘Stop Loss’ is being set via a servant, as soon as it is set the odds are being stored as a value, this in turn is then being displayed above the ladder and one-click screen similar to the way described above, now giving you a clear visual of exactly what price the stop loss for that selection will trigger.

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