Fully Customisable Alerts on your Watch List

Watchlists are a very useful but often underused feature of Bet Angel, their purpose is to allow you to monitor multiple markets at once showing key pieces of information (of your choosing) like current prices, matched volume, P/L’s and in Tennis market live scores and server info – all this while taking up very little screen space. I often describe them as a sort of ‘Post-it’ note which you can tuck away in the corner somewhere and still leave plenty of room for your main ladders and one-click screens.

If this wasn’t already handy enough in version V1.51 of Bet Angel the ability to display ‘Alerts’ was added to the Watch List functionality, these can appear next to a market or selection and display a message text of your choice on a background colour of your choosing.

One of the key advantages of using Alerts (once you have them set up for everything you need) is you no longer even need to keep an eye on your watch list – in fact it doesn’t even need to be on your screen anymore, instead you can minimize it to your windows taskbar giving you your full screen/s to carry on what you’re doing, should an ‘Alert’ go off the watch list window will instantly maximize for you – and if like me you have dozens of markets in it then it can even auto-scroll to the selection or market the alert relates to so you have it right there in your view so you can take immediate action!

What can you be Alerted to

Put simply if you can think of an opportunity or situation within a market that you want to be alerted to then with Bet Angel you can almost certainly create one for it!

To give you a few examples, for horse racing markets you could be alerted if a runner has streamed or drifted during a period of time or want to know if a slug of money has just arrived in a market or on a particular runner, or if the order of favouritism has changed perhaps between the 1st & 2nd fav, or perhaps you want to know if a runner trades at a new hi or lo price.

Of course, with Tennis markets especially during the earlier rounds with lots of matches going on you might want to be alerted when a score line is reached, like a break point, or an actual break of serve has occurred, maybe you want to be alerted if the pre-match fav loses the first set or is now trading at double their starting price or is above/below any price.

In football the obvious alert would be a goal being scored, or maybe you want the scores showing all the time, or you want to be alerted to matches still goalless at half-time, perhaps you’re into late goals so want alerting if the pre-match fav is a goal down with 10 minutes to go.

Those are just a small tip of a very large iceberg of the types of situations and scenario’s you can be alerted to with Bet Angel, because all alerts are created and configured using the automation rules editor you are able to take full advantage of all the conditions available to betting automation rules.

From a personal perspective I trade all types of markets and have several different alerts set up for each sport and even gone a step further and assigned individual audio alerts to them just in case I happen to have nipped away from my desk for a moment I’ll still know from the sound what’s happened somewhere and when I return i’ll see the alert message next to the relevant selection/market in my Watch list.

Getting Started

If you would like to have a go at setting up your own watch list alerts but are not sure how to get started please see the following thread from our forum for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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