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My job as a football data scout

My job as a football data scout

When you look on Betfair you will see a graphic, this graphic is telling you things like ‘Dangerous attack’. Corner, substitution or goal. Lots of bookmakers use this service now and a lot of them, including Betfair, use it to manage markets automatically.  If you ever wondered where this info comes from, or why a match ‘losses its feed’ or experiences ‘technical difficulties’ read on…..

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How I got a job as a scout

In the couple of years when I

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Who scores first in a football match?

Who scores first in a football match?

When trading football, whatever strategy you use, it tends to gravitate to the key question, who scores first? (You could add when to that as well!)

I first asked this question in the early 80’s and worked out how to calculte this and most likely time for a goal. I recently revisited some old material and transplated it to today’s markets so see if much had changed. Not a great deal has changed to be honest and the stats are …

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