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So it’s Easter and what does that mean from a trading perspective?
Fill your face, but with what?
I’m sure you’ve guessed through the multitude of chocolate eggs that are appearing in Tescos and other supermarkets around the country that it’s Easter this weekend.
Traditionally racing wasn’t done over Easter and it was only a few years ago, probably three or four I think, that they started to introduce racing on the on Good Friday. It was the all-weather championships at Lingfield that broke the mould, and now a couple of other cards have popped up. Suddenly it’s becoming a more typical sort of racing day. Typically in many ways, but the all-weather championships obviously stands out.
The first year that I did this day it worked quite well, probably because everybody had forgotten and thought that there was no racing on a good Friday? But subsequent years haven’t been as good, so I’m always mixed on whether I’ll do the good Friday.
Easter Monday
On the bank holiday Monday there’s a mixture of jump and flat racing and it’s not great quality. There are generally quite a few races, so it’s not a particularly good trading day. You often get low liquidity and a fair bit of clashing. However, you do have the highlight of the Irish Grand National, so it’s probably worth turning up for that if you trade Irish Racing.
So if you want to do something else this Easter, then you don’t need my permission, but you’re not going to miss much and that it’s not going to be absolutely unbelievable. It’s unlikely you are going to see me posting some massive P&L. It’s generally going to be a sort of ‘okayish’, perhaps it may work well, but don’t expect too much this weekend.
We’ve actually got some group racing coming up soon with the Craven meeting at Newmarket. So you can tell that much busier times are ahead. This is probably the last chance actually to enjoy yourself before we dive into the flat season proper. When that happens you won’t have much time to do anything other than just trade.
So feel free to trade, but don’t expect much out of the highlights, but you may want to enjoy a break before we dive headlong into the flat turf season. That’s my advice to you this Easter weekend.

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