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And so here we are another year, another Ascot. That came around quickly didn’t it?

For me, it’s another declined invitation to attend the event. While that pains me somewhat, for the moment, I’d still rather be on this side of the desk during one of the busiest weeks of the year. You wouldn’t see a professional footballer work hard all season, only to decline the chance to play in the Champions League final. So missing any major meeting is not an option for me. Maybe, when my children get some more trading experience I’ll enjoy it from the other side, but they not quite ready yet. Not far to go though I reckon.

Ascot is obviously a big deal and I’ll target it to be one of the biggest weeks of the year. It can make a significant difference to the year if these big meetings go well and skipping it would obviously have the opposite effect. Wall to wall, quality racing, from Tuesday till Saturday. You also get the added bonus of lots of drunk people places bets on horses because they like the name 🙂 

But seriously, there is good volume at Ascot and a lot of things can happen as we travel through the week. But it’s one meeting where you need to hit the ground running. Here are a number of things that can help you this Royal Ascot.

I’ve prepared a video playlist discussing Ascot and it’s numbers, a list of features you may be interested in and finally some of the numbers that sit behind Royal Ascot.

Click on the video below to watch the Royal Ascot playlist. It seems easier and more entertaining, to present the numbers in this format.

Things to help you on Bet Angel


As you will know, Bet Angel can automate a wide range of tasks for you. We have lots of ready-made automation examples for you to edit and play with. This means you can improve your existing trading, or run something in the background while you focus on the job at hand.

You can find example templates on the forum: –


Our trading forum is the busiest out there. You can join in the conversation or just lurk and see what everybody is talking about. Like many others, I will chit chat in there and offer advice while trading every day. You can pick up on a few themes or ideas by reading the threads, or when something exciting is happening maybe join in the fun! Keeping an eye on the forum will give you a view on how each day is trading. Check out some of the popular threads.

Videos Bet Angel has a massive range of videos to choose from to help you on your trading journey. Updated weekly for a number of years this has build into the most comprehensive collections of trading videos available anywhere. All completely for free, visit: –

Practice mode

All features inside Bet Angel are available in practice mode. This will allow you to experiment with new strategies and ideas without any risk to your money. You can even use practice mode when automating your trading. Just select the option when starting up Bet Angel.

Bet Angel User guide – Practice mode

Multiple sports

Bet Angel’s guardian tool is the perfect tool to help you manage multiple markets and positions simultaneously. Use Guardian, it’s watch list functionality, and the automation to alert or switch you to markets as required. You can even set up sound alerts to give you a prod when something interesting happens. It’s a really powerful piece of software in its own right and it’s already included in Bet Angel, just click the ‘G’ button to access a vast range of features.

Bet Angel – Guardian

Royal Ascot – The numbers

Last year Royal Ascot had matched bet turnover at post time of £58m. The biggest race turned over £3.6m and the smallest £1.3m. If you contrast Ascot with Cheltenham, Cheltenham did an average of £4m a race this year. The biggest race was £7.7m and the smallest £2.2m.

Like most major meetings you get a feature race or two surrounded by ‘other stuff’. Some can be good quality, but some not. Ascot usually gets off to a bang on Tuesday, so be well prepared. For more insight watch the video playlist I have produced at the bottom of this post.

Betdaq has traditionally performed well at Ascot so I expect a repeat performance. The BETDAQ version of Bet Angel is completely FREE so there isn’t any excuse for not downloading it. I’ll be watching trading exchanges closely to see how that is holding up. I tend to trade on BOTH exchanges during the meeting and will be bringing in extra screen space to do that.

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