Two card Tuesdays

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We have reached the time of year when Monday and Tuesday racing drops to two cards in the afternoon.

The impact of just two race meetings

It’s an important time of year, as this changes the characteristic of these cards to the negative. But also it allows you to do a few other things and skip these cards if needed. Racing tends to be lower quality on a Monday and Tuesday and that combined with the 15-minute gaps in-between the cards leads to much poorer market conditions overall. Yes, you may miss some opportunities, but not many!

Overall traded volume is slow and profits can also be, so you can take some time out in the summer on these days to do other things or get some more balance into your life.

My angle

I know everybody is different, but I often find the cards on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon unappealing. Just not enough money getting matched to really go for it. It’s hard enough on a Monday as it is, but open up a gap to the next race and the per-second volume declines to the point where it becomes much harder for me. Curiously, Windsor on a Monday evening always trades well, but the afternoon card and Tuesday, in general, can be poor. I really dislike Tuesday evening’s in the summer as it’s predominately low-quality jumps racing. No pun intended, but there is no need to flog a dead horse on two-card Tuesdays.

So I use the time to relax and do other things generally. I’ll keep an eye on the racing, but I’ll be experimenting with other things. Looking at data. Exploring new ideas, sanitising existing data. You get the picture.

This morning I went out for a monster Gym session and then mountain biking for twenty miles. It cleared my mind, I got a bit fitter and probably lose a pound or two. That’s about the only time I try to lose a few pound. But when you are trading so intensively in the summer, I treasure these moments when trading is far from my immediate mind.


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