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My (automated) Tennis trading journey

When I first looked to trade tennis with automation my initial mistake was trying to create a single automation file and apply it to all the day’s matches. I soon learned this was never going to work and instead started taking some time to use the wealth of stats and data available for tennis from a number of website’s and other sources to carefully select matches most suited to specific strategy/rule I was trying to use.

Then while looking at these stats, I began building up a few more rules to fit specific players, matches & situations etc. So now with just a hand full of different automation files it’s possible for me to cover a large percentage of all the day’s matches which a strategy that fits those players and matches.

Not a sign, but a signal!

When it comes to automation on Tennis the ever increasing options now available within Bet Angel make the possibilities practically endless. For a long time now it’s already been possible to do what now seem basic things like triggering bets when a score line has been reached by using the existing Tennis ‘fixed score and ‘relative score’ condition’s, but now with the latest Bet Angel V1.44 and the addition of ‘Signals’ to the automation’s arsenal, even more possibilities have been opened up.

To give you an example of just one-way signals could be used with a tennis automation rule is to now test for earlier scores during a match as a condition before triggering a bet or green up.

Using statistics

So using some data/stats on players a characteristic I found was how certain player’s service game can be effected by what happened in their previous serve. Some players who win their service game comfortably are then more likely to go on and hold their next serve, whereas if they have defended a break point or struggled to hold their serve (even if they still won that game) the chances of them being broken on their next service game increase substantially (this can be for any number of reasons including fatigue, lack of confidence or opponents increased confidence etc) but whatever the reason it means a ‘Lay the Server’ in this situation can become a good value trade on that players’ next service game.

Putting it all together

So with this info and by using the latest ‘signals’ I put together a new automation rule that would set a signal if the player serving faces a break point, the rule then uses this signal to trigger a lay bet on that player at the start of their next service game – and of course green-up as normal at the end of the game.

Another way signals can be used within Tennis automation (including existing rules you may already be running) is to delay bets or green up which are being triggered on score lines during the match. Rather than submitting your bet at the same time as everyone else’s your signal can delay your bet by a chosen number of seconds while the odds settle down letting other bots jump in first and often taking a worst price.

Sound complicated?

Once you have decided on a strategy to try automating it and using it on a number of matches is then actually quite straight forward and in Tennis even basic strategies can be very effective when used on the right matches but just to help you that little bit further and get new users to automation started both the examples detailed above and a number of others are available to download from the shared files library of the Bet Angel forum.

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