Easy ways to automate your Tennis Trading

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Next week see’s the start of Wimbledon the pinnacle event of the Tennis calendar.

And one of the best ways to trade the Tennis markets is with automation. If you have never used automation before there is probably no better sport to start with and with the year’s biggest tournament about to begin this makes it the perfect time to dip your toes in and give it a try.

Why automation works so well

There are a couple of reasons why automation is suited to and works so well with tennis. Firstly, with so many matches being played at the same time it’s impossible to trade them all manually, so having some form of automation which can monitor and trade all the matches being played simultaneously makes perfect sense, even if only following a very basic strategy by automating it and applying it to just a small percentage of the day’s matches. Picking up a few extra quid here and there it can soon mount up.

Secondly, trading tennis is an in-play sport where the odds movement are driven by the score and can change as much as several ticks as each point is won or lost, this means there is often a number of large swings back and forth during each match and many patterns in the movements are repeated match after match, usually there is also a number of opportune times to open trades with little downside yet potentially large upsides which all makes for excellent trading opportunities especially if fully automated.

It’s easy to automate your trading

To help get you started with Bet Angels Advanced Automation, there are a number of example files available to download from the Bet Angel forum, these are ready to be put straight into action!

The examples include some well-known tennis strategies including laying the 1st set winner and laying the fav then greening up after a break of serve. These and all the others can be fully edited, built onto and experimented with as you find your way and begin adding your own ideas to develop your own unique systems and strategies.

Tennis Automation

The advanced automation of Bet Angel even has a number of dedicated conditions just for use on tennis matches including server and score conditions; these combined with the other options available make it very easy for anyone to put together their own bespoke strategies which can be as simple or complex as you want.

And the most recent version of Bet Angel V1.44 seen the introduction of another new feature for advanced automation called ‘Signals’ this has single handily opened the door to so many new possibilities which were never before possible outside excel. If you’re not yet using Bet Angel V1.44 then make sure to download it to take advantage of this and all the other automation options currently available.

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