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Constantly striving to improve your trading edge, we are pleased to announce a new version of Bet Angel is available, version 1.43. You can download it from here: –

You can download it from here: –

The upgrade is free for existing Bet Angel users or those currently trialling Bet Angel. If you haven’t had a trial recently you may be eligible for a new one. Bet Angel will tell you if you qualify when you try and register for a trial.

Key new feature

The main feature of this version is the introduction of customisable keyboard shortcuts. We have had keyboard shortcuts in the product before but have elevated this to an entirely new level with a fully featured keyboard shortcuts editor.

This means that you can assign actions and functions of Bet Angel to a keystroke meaning quick and easy access to key features without moving your mouse.

You can now quickly skip around Bet Angel and the markets with ease and at a speed not possible before. Decide what keys you want to use and then attached an action to it via the shortcuts editor. Combine and create different key strokes for different scenarios and sports.

Why other market participants are still wandering around their software trying to perform any particular function, you will be in and out of the market in a flash.

Keyboard Shortcuts editor

This new feature is accessed via Behaviour tab of Settings.

You can create multiple profiles each with different keystroke assignments. Many are context sensitive (i.e. track the mouse). There are about 60 shortcut actions available that you can assign to keystrokes (some are parametrised so the same action can be assigned to multiple keys with different parameters).

Actions cover the following types of operation: –

  • Display of Bet Angel screens
  • Bet Modification and cancellation
  • Trade closure and greening
  • Staking
  • Ladder and One-click settings.
  • Bet Angel’s layout settings
  • Bet Angel’s profile settings

If required, you can assign multiple actions to the same shortcut key. e.g change the stakes of 6 ladder presets with a single keystroke.

When capturing a keypress, combinations of Ctrl, Alt & Shift are supported in conjunction with the usual alphanumeric keys.

Automation enhancements

Automation has been upgraded again and now includes additional features: –

Number of Matched Bets and Number of Unmatched Bets conditions can now apply to the current selection, the whole market or any nominated selection. A new Race Distance condition has also been added

Find key markets even quicker

Search Markets enhancement: We have added the ability to use the keyword NOT has been added to the search criteria (which works alongside the previously supported OR and AND keywords).

There are additional tweaks available which you can find documented on the thread in the forum.


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