Incentive to score and how it benefits your trading

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That one word is how I would describe the next two evenings worth champions league matches.

Some teams will have a big incentive to score, others to not lose and others no incentive to do anything at all. If a team needs a goal, as the clock ticks to the end of the match all hell could be let loose as they chase it. It’s my favourite stage of a any competition!

Difficult and easy

This often makes it difficult to forecast a final result. But if you are trading, it often doesn’t matter. There are many strategies where you can profit without knowing or guessing the final result.

It’s quite likely that the incentive to score will throw up some of the best opportunities you will see in-play in this quality of match. It’s a bit like the knock-out stage which returns in February. Early group stages can be tepid affairs, but the next two sets of matches should set off some fireworks.

I’ll tend to do what I can before the game starts and then carry that over and then some into the in-play market. Once that trade is complete I’ll re-asses things at half time using information I’ve gathered in the first half to make some decisions.

Liquidity should be higher and opportunities abundant, so have a good look this over the next two nights. Check out incentive to score and what each team needs to do to progress. Double check team sheets as they come out and be prepared to go against the prevailing wisdom to catch some big potential. The rewards are so high for progression to the knock-out stage, anything can and does happen.

Most web sites contain information on who has an incentive to score, here is the BBC’s enjoy!

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