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I was searching the Blog this evening to point somebody to the additions we made in the most recent version of Bet Angel and realised I hadn’t posted it. It was posted on the forum, but not here. So it seemed logical to post it here as well!

Download the latest version of Bet Angel from here: –

Watch a video about it here: –

The long and short of the latest version of Bet Angel is that you can combine manual and automated trading in a very intuitive way. It’s another leap forward!

There is more in the new release however. For the longer description of all new additions read here: –

Key changes are: –

Upgraded code base. Not only is this the best version of Bet Angel yet, this brings us forward and allows us to look at new features and opportunities presented by the change and things like Windows 10. Because of the upgrade in the code base, the next version will look slightly different to your old version.

We have made changes to the automation area so you can now manually invoke functions within the automation tools.

We have had a number of requests for this, as people didn’t want to invoke a rule specific to any specific selection in the market. So you can now nominate ‘any’ selection within a market and also a ‘nominated’ selection with a market. You simply select the nominated selection from Guardian and the rule will activate against it.

We have also introduced the ability to reset the trigger count. So you can invoke a rule via automation, then get it to fire again on your command.

We have also enhanced the logging as well, so it’s easier to understand where a bet has been placed and how.

For those that are into analysis you can now export all market data on market closure so if you are live or testing a strategy you can review the data after the market has closed.

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