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Was going to do a full update today with videos but completely manic at the moment with sports,  potential liabilities and profits coming out of my ears this morning. If this were a financial market I think the term they used is ‘fully invested’. I’m sorry I can give you a full update but at least you know when I can’t its because I’m putting my balls on line, just like our customers!

So. a quick appraisal.

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is going OK so far, nothing spectacular. I’d rate it a 7/10 so far. With a 10 being a record week and a 5 being below expectations and a 1 being a complete loss making disaster. Volumes have held up on Betfair and Betdaq is trading better than ever.


Dipping in and out of the Tennis but the focus is Golf and Ascot today. Tennis can wait a bit at the moment. Working on stuff in the background for Wimbledon. Watch this space.


US Open golf is really intriguing this year. Brand new course that looks like a links, but will probably not play like one. Links tend to favour the short game and older players but this doesn’t look like it will. This may favour the Europeans rather than the Americans but when the head to St’Andrews that may help everybody. Read up on the course and players comments for some insight, really interesting.

It’s really fascinating, this course could really mix things up and it may be worth plumping for some big prices to shorten. Downside is that it is on the west coast of the US, so it’s going to be some very late nights!

Good luck everybody!

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