Monaco Grand Prix

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Almost went to the Monaco Grand Prix this year., but the PGA Golf at Wentworth got in the way of it this year, so I’ll have to delayed my visit to this iconic race. I’m picking up some useful totals on Golf so the opportunity to make money rather than spend it, is still too tempting for me!

You could be forgiven for thinking that if you qualify on pole in Monaco you will win. The tight street circuit is a big test for anybody who is attempting to overtake, but my stats give a different story.

Monaco was one of the first circuits I profiled and it was because I expected it to throw of  some definable characteristics. But what it taught me was just how different street circuits are to custom race tracks. Fairly obvious in hindsight!  If you look how often pole wins the race you find Monaco in the lower third of all circuits and clustered with a bunch of other street circuits. You don’t need to look far for the underlying answer.  It ranks very highly for retirements and when you examine the reason for retirements the main cause is accidents. Again you could say it’s fairly obvious in hindsight, but at least I can put a number on it now!

Monaco has the second highest rate for retirements. 38.21% of all cars starting never finish. If it rains, this number will shoot up. So rather than watching the grid, watch the weather.

For some other interesting statistics I found some on Reuters.

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