Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

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My quest to model all F1 circuits continues and its starting to yield results. It’s been a massive task, but I just love fiddling around with data to better understand a sport and look for an edge. If I don’t find anything, it makes for a nice magazine article anyway!

There is a limited data set from Bahrain so comparing this track to others is not an exact science, but when you sort the data a couple of characteristics pop out from the limited data set.

The is a strong Qualifying to finish correlation at this course. I haven’t finished collecting data on all courses but the top qualifier at Bahrain has only dropped one place on average at this course. 88% finish with a podium position. This is a slightly distorted stat as it was only Vettel in 2010 who failed to get covered in champagne when he finished fourth. Today you also have a Mercedes on pole and that car will be unlikley to keep that position during the race. But for others, it will likely be a different scenario.

Average retirements are very low at this track and any are usually mechanical.

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