Serving your trading apprenticeship

27/11/2012 | By More

I’ve often advocated a number of different things on this blog relating to how you should approach your time in the markets. The reason, I’ve been through it all!

I’ve posted a link on the forum to some stuff I read recently that I think will be of interest to readers of the blog.

It’s talking about an ‘apprenticeship’, what does it take to get to establish yourself in a role and master it and I think it’s equally applicable to trading. I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of people who don’t want to serve an ‘apprenticeship’ and just want to jump straight to the ‘secrets’; probably encouraged by sites with the word ‘secret’ in their pitch.

The fact is, even if you are given good instruction it still takes some time to work your way into something. I would love to play a round of Golf with Tiger woods, but I wouldn’t expect to win a major after it. I know I would need to put a lot of work to even partially replicate what is required to be at the top of the game. Speaking of which, have a look on this thread for somebody that is trying exactly that using some laid down ‘purposeful practice’ principles.

I’m an avid reader of new knowledge and keen to improve all aspects of what I do, so I think there is some good stuff in there. The excerpts are from a book called ‘Mastery’. You can read excerpts from it on the forum: –



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