US Open tennis trading – The final in numbers

12/09/2012 | By More

Just when you think sport in the UK couldn’t reach any higher it does. A slightly belated look at the final.

A fantastic and well deserved win for Murray. It’s a huge achievement and long overdue for UK tennis. You sensed with his Gold Medal victory that he could pull this off but it was hell of a battle to finally do it. I am sure I wasn’t the only one muttering at Djokovic for putting up such a fight on Monday night. But it all worked out in the end!

So some numbers, in ascending order: –

1.91, Andy Murray’s odds after winning the first set – Tennis trader got it’s prediction spot on!

8.4, the odds available for Murray to win 3-2

10, You would have returned ten times your trading stake in profit if you found the trading sweet spot in this market.

18, the number of breaks of serve in the match (About double the normal rate)

50, the numbers of games in the match

55%, the percentage of matched bet volume on Andy Murray

£63m, the amount traded on the match

And final the largest number of all has to be 76, 76 years since we had a grand slam champion in the UK, that’s one hell of a wait.

I actually had a quirky side bet on Murray winning 7-6, 7-6,  7-6 for a laugh.

Murray is reaching his peak now. I wrote an article a while ago predicting his peak year would be this one or next. If we are to have another Grand Slam champion before Murray has retired, they should be turning pro about now by my estimation. Maybe it’s time for the girls? Over the next couple of years we should settle into a Djokovic / Murray battle at the top. But somebody will emerge soon that should come through to eventually dethrone both. No idea who that is at the moment.

Anyhow, a fitting match to win his first Grand Slam. Well done Murray.

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