Will Eurovision get the hump?

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Over the years I’ve had a good play on the Eurovision song contest. In 2006, after boring myself with the entrants, my evening was lit up by the performance of Lordi which was hilarious to see in a straight laced contest such as the Eurovision. Soon after the voting started it was clear the voters were sending a signal to the contest and the rest, as they say, is history. As soon as I saw the voting patterns I had to place a bet on Lordi. The Finnish competitors changed the face of the competition forever. I’m not sure I will ever beat the result I achieved that year.

Following the early voting can be a useful indicator of sentiment and make for a good trade in Eurovision. Changes in the voting system are making this a bit more transparent recently. The UK has been deeper unpopular in Eurovision for quite a few years now and the eastern bloc voting patterns threatened to make a farce of it in recent years. But the various tweeks in the voting over recent years will probably legitimise the contest again. You get the feeling you never really know what could happen in and, as you may be aware, I love a bit of uncertainly in any market. Throw that in with the the mix of political uncertainty in Baku and anything could happen.

Throwing Englebert Humperdink into the contest is a big gamble for the UK, but you get the feeling they have little to lose. Sweden are the red hot favourites and it would be fun to see the contest return to the home of ABBA. I’ll be keeping an eye on the contest this evening and will trade it if a clear cut opportunity occurs.


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