Gary Neville’s orgasm

25/04/2012 | By More

There you go, I told you the draw was value!

In case you’re not sure what the title is all about listen in here: –

But seriously I think Gary Neville can be forgiven for making hilarious noises, as I was too! There were many points in the match last night where it was very easy to shout at the television for one reason or another. I had several complaints from the household about the noise I was making, especially with that finish.

Because goals are scarce and scored at  reasonably random time intervals, football has this habit of throwing up situations like we saw last night. It may seem unpredictable at times, but very often even unpredictability is predictable; you just need to know in what context. In terms of football this is how volatility manifests itself in play.

Some things were certain last night, Barcelona had to score a goal. Some things were unpredictable, Messi missing a penalty. Though you could argue his inability to score against Chelsea was somewhat predictable. The big thing that was predictable last night was that if we were near the end of the match and Barcelona had to score, then anything was possible.

It’s for that reason that I absolutely love these two leg, knockout matches in football. It creates situations where the aggregate score forces teams hands, tactics go out the window and the unexpected can be expected.

Tales of the expected, unexpected

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