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19/04/2012 | By More

Stuck in a pretty good performance on the first day of the Craven meeting and was pretty pleased all round with overall performance. Some of the testing I’ve been doing on new ideas came good as well, so I’m really chuffed. The champions league didn’t really through off a quality opportunity last night, but apart from some stuff before the off I didn’t really get that involved. Second legs should be interesting.

I prefer to know whether I’m in a good market or a poor one, but the Craven often sits in-between that. I know there’s quality there, but in terms of liquidity it often hasn’t delivered in the past and as a betting heat it doesn’t have the same importance as other nearby events. But it is better than the dross that’s between Cheltenham and the Grand National though, it has to be said!

Winter is generally pretty tough and this winter was no exception. It feels to me as though there is much less interest in a lot of the jumps meetings than the flat. So the return of the flat season proper is very much welcomed. I think I may take more time off in the winter next year. You also have the evening meetings kicking in now and that expands the scope and depth of opportunity dramatically. The combination of the two should see you start to pick up some useful result if you have survived the winter. You can also pick of higher quality opportunities.

I reckon Q1 each year sees the depature of many people who try and make a go of this, as it can be very tough. Now we have a lovely window of opportunity, especially this year, that extends out for the next 5/6 months. Enjoy!

Another type of Craven meeting involving animals

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