Sports Relief – Auction for signed England shirt

23/03/2012 | By More

Just got back from my local school where two of my children have just done their run for Sports Relief.

Sports relief resonates with me as I’ve always been into sport. But it also strikes a chord because when I finished running competitively for a club, I still wanted to run. So I started to run for charitable causes instead. Keep fit and do something good as well. I ran my last Marathon in London in 1996 and my last big race ten years later, but I have spent each year since supporting others that have run in similar events. I still find it incredibly hard to resist the urge not to run when I see everybody flowing past. I sort of hope that one day, maybe, I can run my last marathon.

This is the one thing I like about sports relief, that it encourages people to get out and do some sport and that’s important, especially this year. But it also marries the concept that you should make some effort. Too many charitable causes ask for nothing but money. It’s going to be great weather this weekend so I’d encourage anybody in the UK to get out and at least do the sports relief mile. You will feel better after exercise, I promise.

Auction item

I recently attended a charity auction. The only sports thing on offer was an England Rugby Union shirt, signed, framed and authenticated. I won it, so I’d like to donate it to sports relief via an auction. You can put an open bid on the forum thread or submit a bid by silent auction via support. Just drop us a note to say what your bid is. I’ll keep the auction open for a week and will contact the winner at that point.

It’s a really nice, big, framed piece; see the photos. It measures 69x79cms. Not sure how I will ship this, but we can deal with that at the end of the auction.  Please bid or encourage others to do so, so at least we can raise a decent amount on what is a really nice item. If you have an questions, please ask on the thread or via support. Good luck if you are bidding and don’t forget to go out for that run on Sunday!


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