How to avoid Betfair API problems

04/03/2012 | By More

Unfortunately Betfair suffered two more problems on the API yesterday, adding to the number that have occured on a regular basis recently.

This post is a reminder for everybody that Bet Angel can run in an alternative (non API) mode if you experiance an issue. Using this mode can completely save your bacon if there is an API glitch. It’s a feature that pays for itself, even if it’s just in terms of your peace of mind! You must be using the very latest version of Bet Angel to be able to use this feature and it’s worth famliarising yourself with the two modes as they have different characterisitcs.

Here is how I am set up to deal with API issues: –

I always have two versions of Bet Angel running. One in API mode and one, with the refresh off, in non API mode (Logged in via connection mode 1).

This means I can switch quickly between applications and if I am caught on one I can exit on another. In case the crash is at my end I have a back system, an iPad linked to Bet Angel via a VPS. This covers all bases in case of a catastrophic power or connection failure.

The connection mode feature on Bet Angel is a really useful feature during moments like yesterday. Using it also means you can pariticpate in the market when others have dropped out. So make sure you are familiar with it. It will pay for itself whether that is due to being able to be active when others are not, or due to be able to exit a position quickly.

View the following video to learn about this feature: –

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