The champions league gulf

19/10/2011 | By More

Just had a good look at this evenings matches you can’t help but wonder if UEFA’s coefficient is a bit cocked up. Either than or whether there really is such a massive gulf between the top teams in Europe and everybody else. I suggest the outcomes are driven by commercial incentives in reality.

Barcelona are an amazing 1.05 to beat Plzen this evening. We have Chelsea t 1.12, AC Milan 1.27 and Porto 1.30.

Several uncompetitive prices were offered out last night. The only tempting one last night was Man City, given their weak start to the group stages. Would have turned out to be a great trade. As it was, I was getting sozzled in a hospitality area at Southampton watching the curious phenomena of English players playing in an English league. Still some way from the billions of the champions league. Tonight I’ll be back behind my desk. I am looking for some value in the Porto match.

It doesn’t take a genuis to work out the most to least goals this evening, so I won’t post them up. Good luck this evening.

Pep, how many goals will you win by?


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