Ascot – Day one summary

15/06/2011 | By More

I thought that went quite well. I struggled last year but this year was ok and I could have done better if I was a bit more aggressive. In hindsight I was too passive yesterday, didn’t take on board enough risk. So I’ll give myself an 8/10 as it was good, but I could have done better.

Frankel made a bit of a mess of the feature race of the day and the market on Frankel was so strong that it soaked up two £200k+ bets with hardly a blip. I told some delegates at during the morning workshop today what would happen to the price of Frankel in the run up to the race and I am glad to say I was spot on. That made it a good trade.

As I predicted Betdaq markets were showing a lot of strength yesterday and therefore I now forecast this for the rest of the meeting. There were some races that I did better on one or the other exchange, but the fact that both are very tradable is a huge bonus. You also have to lop 20% off the Betfair result, so the incentive to trade on Betdaq is high. I’m beginning to widen my activity to other markets as well, now that I have a feel for the big races. Not without its difficulty and I am not 100% focused on Betdaq at all times, but the effort is proving worthwhile.

This morning I had to go out to buy a new suit for a wedding. But this evening I’ll analyse some of the data from the first couple of days and give you an insight into how the market is shaping up.

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