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16/01/2011 | By More

If you remember this post where I was commenting on how impressed I was with Arsenal’s business model. Well it seems FIFA is as well.

I think, for the long term future of the game, it makes sense to engage on sensible terms.

I remember when I was young. I would pay £1.50 to stand on the terraces, stuffing my face with a hot dog, getting smoke wafted in my face, BUT you really could believe that your team could win any game. You also could relate to the striker who grew up just down the road from you and who was banging in goals for your team. You could easily be on the end of that ball!

Now you pay £300 to sit, down, in a plastic chair and watch opposing players reluctantly pass to somebody on £150k a week who can’t speak English very well. Home grown players are a rare sight and loyalty is a thing of the past. OK, times move on, but one thing I like about some sports is that you can still live the dream. It’s never easy to get to the top of a sport, but I can play at Belfry and hole the same putt that a Ryder Cup golfer can. If I play golf well enough, it’s not unrealistic that I could get into a tournament. I don’t think you can say the same for football any longer. It’s lost it’s soul, from there its a slippery path IMHO.

Making clubs thing more realistically is a step in the right direction and levels the playing field a bit. Maybe there is hope left.

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