What’s the price of a good start?

21/06/2009 | By More

Thought this may be of interest to you ahead of this weeks British Grand Prix. With the right tactics any market can be traded. I don’t know how to price up a Formula one market but I have made some good trades on it this year. My best trade was laying Lewis Hamilton to win the drivers championship, have a search for that if you wish to read why I did that.

At Monaco, the notoriously tight circuit where overtaking is a word, not an action. It seemed logical that the best trade was to back the person that was most likely to be at the front at the first corner. They would immediately have a clear advantage and were unlikely to be challenged, especially if it was one of the very competitive Brawn GP drivers.

Button got that good start and accelerated into and away from the first corner. The market responded by shortening his price by around 15%. So, there you have your answer. A good start, at Monaco at least, is worth in excess of 10%!


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