Betfair trading on a VPS – Virtual private server

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’, a VPS is a computer located in a remote datacentre that you can access from almost any internet-enabled device.

The ‘Virtual’ part relates to the way many servers are provisioned from a single host. We shouldn’t get too technical, but shared hosting is why software performance can be stellar, while costs can be kept down and it’s much more cost-effective than spending a lot of money on a dedicated server.

Generally speaking, you sit on one main server within a rack and share part of that server, but you benefit from being in a secure, fast, datacentre which is connected to the internet 24×7. You have full control on the VPS hosted on a Windows server that is a physical server in a state of the art datacentre, sat right on the major backbone to the internet.

Traditionally, a server in a datacentre is used for some sort of a hosting solution for multiple websites. But on this occasion, we install Windows on it instead and then you can run any Windows software on it, such as Bet Angel. You can use it just like a normal Windows PC.

When you log into your VPS it will look very familiar, just like your windows desktop! You wont know that you are connected to Bet Angel remotely. Your own computer screen will be replaced by the screen output of the remote server when you connect to the VPS.

As far as you are concerned you it looks and feels just like you are using Bet Angel locally, but in fact you are using a server in a high-tech state of the art datacentre.

Key benefits of using a VPS

Super fast connection with low latency

Your server sits inside a state of the art datacentre which is located right on a key internet backbone. This means you get to share the incredibly fast connection and routing that the datacentre can provide. It is much faster and the route more direct than using a traditional home broadband connection.

When orders are placed via a VPS there are already originating from a major internet hub. This means your internet traffic has less ‘hops’ to reach Betfair. Far fewer than if you use a standard internet connection.

Trade using any internet enabled device

When you connect to a VPS you do so with a peice of a software than simply looks at your server to display what is happening on it and allows you to remotely control it. As a consequence you can connect to it using any internet enabled device. An Android or Apple smartphone, a chromebook, any type of Apple computer or tablet, just about any device.

Run your automated Betfair trading strategies 24×7

Your VPS is always connected to the internet and running your automation day and night 24×7. It will dramatically expand the scope and scale of your trading and can even work hard for you while you are asleep.

Want to quickly check quickly on how a strategy is progressing? Running Bet Angel fully automatically via the VPS means you can free up your PC to do other things and leave the VPS to run reliably remotely. You can check into it periodically to check it’s progress or, for example, remove or add markets as required.

You can also do other useful things like isolate an automated Betfair trading strategy to a different account and run it via the VPS in the background.

Access from anywhere in the world with a UK based IP address

There may be occasions where you are abroad on holiday or business. Because the VPS is based in the UK with a UK IP address, your connection to Betfair from Bet Angel is made in the UK. When you access it from a local device or computer, it simply allows you to remotely view and instruct Bet Angel via the VPS. All of which is happening in the UK.

You may also find yourself in a situation where access to gambling sites is blocked or their use prohibited. Or perhaps you are at a location where logging in and monitoring or placing a trade or bet is inappropiate. With a VPS you can connect regardless of this as you are only remote viewing and this makes it easy to access, even from a smartphone if necessary.

Low bandwidth

Running Betfair trading software like Bet Angel can use up an enormous amount of data. But on a VPS the datacentre takes care of that for you and the only bandwidth you use is for connecting via a remote desktop to the server. This significantly reduces the stress on your local computer or connection and it also makes it perfect for connecting via smartphones over a cellular network, or where you don’t have a great internet connection.

Perfect back up solution

There is nothing worse than the electricity cutting out or your cat clawing out your ethernet cable mid-trade. With a VPS you can run a remote session to allow you quick access in an emergency or use it to run some automation as a safety option, regardless of what you are doing locally.

It’s very useful to have a set up easily available at a moments notice wherever you are.

Incredible reliability

When you run your software on a remote server in a datacentre, you get to share the benefits of all other servers in that datacentre.

You will get state of the art security, reliability and constant monitoring. A team of highly qualified engineers ensure your server is up and running all the time. Huge power generators provide backup in the event of an electricity outage at the datacentre. Using a VPS gives you access to all this.

Unique IP (internet) address

Most popular VPN providers route traffic through dedicated IP addresses and these IP’s are often blackedlisted by various entities seeking meaning access to their sites are restricted.

When you use a VPS you will be assigned an dedicated IP address unique to your server. Nobody will know the origin of that IP address and that means it will not be blocked.

Use your VPS for anything

The VPS is simply a computer like the one you are sitting in front of at the moment. So it’s perfectly possible to use it in exactly the same way.

You can browse the internet, install additional software, read your emails and everything. So as well as all the above benefits, it’s like having an extra computer to hand. Just one you can access from everywhere on anything. I use my iPad while I am on the train to do PC based work using the VPS.

How a Bet Angel VPS is unique

Like many things with Bet Angel, we started using VPS’s to solve a problem. Back in 2004, fed up with slow and unreliable internet connections, Peter needed to trade some high profile racing but didn’t know if that was going to be possible while at different locations.

Using the knowledge he acquired while working for an Internet service provider. He bought a dedicated server, installed windows on it and then ran Bet Angel on that server. It worked a treat, so many problems were solved and trading from a remote server was born.

From that simple starting point we started offering the same service to customers and at the same time expanding the scope and technical capacity required to bring the service up to another level.

In the interveneing years we have worked closley with a number of different service providers, then eventually datacentres directly to custom specify installations to optimise the experience you get when using a VPS. Bet Angel now includes a specially optimised server edition built for increased tolerance in high speed, low latency trading.

To learn more about Bet Angel VPS solutions, visit our web page.

  1. Paul 2 years ago

    Hello Peter

    I’m based in Australia and have an Australian account on Primarily trading automated strategy for on racing markets. I’m using VSP based in the Sydney data centre. Do you know when if any mirroring servers for Betfair in Australia or I will get a lower latency/faster response if I set up a VPS in London based data centre?


  2. Peter Webb 2 years ago

    Betfair had a data centre and API servers in Tasmania. But some time ago, I can’t remember exactly when, they closed that and all comms from Australia routed to London.

    If your VPS, like ours, is close to Betfair or on a high bandwidth it will be much faster for automated functions. But you will also have a little bit of latency between Australia and the UK, but even if you have one part of your trade semi-automated it will be much faster than you can achieve from Australia.

  3. David 1 year ago

    Hey. I am interested in your VPS service but I need it from a country where Betfair, Pinnacle and bet365 are allowed… The problem for UK is that Pinnacle is not allowed unfortunately… Do you offer VPS service from Ireland for example?

    • Peter Webb 1 year ago

      As at the time of this response we don’t offer this unfortunately. We note that both those companies often block known services as well, so you may need to try a few to overcome that issue.

  4. David 1 year ago

    There are problems with bet365, they can recognize and block VPN, but Pinnacle actually stopped with blocking addresses that come from VPN Express and works fine with VPN Express. But my problem is that sometimes VPN stop working for a second and meantime I have vulnerable IP from country that is not supported by Betfair. I need to fix this immediately. Is VPS more secure in that manner? If yes, then I will try your service, even if IP came from England. I can access Pinnacle and Bet365 on my second device

    • Peter Webb 1 year ago

      Hi David,

      Yes, the VPS sits permanently on a secure and high-speed backbone in the UK so it’s running 24×7 whether you are connected to it or not. It’s the most secure way to trade if you are overseas as you will never had a non-UK IP.

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