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If you are looking to trade on Betfair seriously, this is a peak time of the year; especially every four years. This is your chance to make hay while the sun shines and it’s shining particularly strongly at the moment.

Overnight there were 43 main horse races in Australia and there are another 64 races taking place today in the UK and Ireland. We also have 89 Tennis matches, Cricket and a multitude of other sports to add to mix, but also there appear to be some important football matches are going on as well, in case you missed that!

During busy times in the markets, it can be difficult to pick and choose what you want to do. But you don’t have that problem with Bet Angel, as you can trade them all or get Bet Angel to find just the right opportunities for you from this myraid of markets.

Some rather useful trading software

Bet Angel is packed full of features that are incredibly useful if you are interested in trading or monitoring multiple markets for opportunities. Even if you are not ready to do that, you can experiment with strategies or collect data while you are busy working on your core market. Bet Angel’s can pay for itself just in time saved, even before you deploy a trading strategy.

To give you an example, before most people woke up in the UK today,  I had already traded some of the Aussie racing this morning. But I also ran some automation completely independently throughout the night to give me a head start on the day. I’m perfectly confident in the ability of Bet Angel and therefore leave it to run overnight unattended. If you haven’t looked at automation, do so now, especially when there are so many opportunities in the market.

Some key Features in Bet Angel

We designed Bet Angel to be incredibly flexible and versatile. Here are some of the key features that will help you in this busy period: –

  • Soccer Mystic & Tennis trader– Work out what will happen to the odds before the match has started.
  • Tennis Live scores – Trade automatically or get Bet Angel to scan for key opportunities
  • Watchlist – Pin it and keep an eye on all the key markets across all sports
  • Excel linking – Link to spreadsheets to combine & trade multiple football markets.
  • Advanced automation – Automate some or all of your trading.
  • Alert and switching – Get Bet Angel to find key moments and switch or alert you.
  • Streaming odds – Monitor and trade many markets at lightning speed

We haven’t just cherry-picked here, so why not read up on all Bet Angel’s key features in the user guide, we list 21 main features for you to easily explore: –

Some very useful tips

Free Automation files – We have free automation files that can operate in live or practice mode, meaning no risk to your money while you experiment. The advanced automation can execute ‘set and forget’ strategies for you. You can get away from your screen and look at the results later or trade in the background while you work on your primary market.

We have a range of files you can download from the forum –

Streaming prices – If you are busy on other markets, state of the art streaming technology can work in the background for you at hyper speed while you get on with what you normally do. Bet Angel can do this completely independent of your main trading screen.

Servants – Automation can help you trade your primary markets as well. Use servants to supplement your manual trading. Servant’s can work to pre-defined rules to get you in and out of the market in lightning quick time and to execute specific parts of a trade for you. All you need to do is tell it which selection you want to it to work on.

Use multiple copies – You may not be aware, but we license Bet Angel by username. This means you can run multiple copies of Bet Angel even on different computers simultaneously allowing you to deploy multiple strategies at the same time across multiple markets.

Bet Angel is also more than just a bit of software, check out all these other benefits: –

The Bet Angel Academy

The Academy has been delivering quality courses since 2004 before people even knew what sports trading was! We are now busy building an online presence. Quality advice shouldn’t be expensive,  so we are committed to providing loads of content for free. We recently uploaded free crash courses if you have never traded and a walkthrough of Bet Angel and it’s key features, like automation.  Check out the Academy at: –

Trading community

Visit the busiest Betfair trading forum available, where thousands of Betfair traders exchange, trading tips, automation files, banter and knowledge with other traders. Some of the worlds biggest traders choose to hang out on our community: –

Trading blog

Want more trading advice? Visit Peter’s trading blog and learn some trading tips and hints from one of the longest-serving and most successful traders. We recently revamped the blog to a new format to allow us to expand and improve the quality of information we can deliver: –

OK, it’s confirmed, we are singing the praises of the software here. But as there are a load of great features that we use day in and out, we think you should enjoy the benefit of these as well during this critically busy period. That’s exactly what they were designed for!

Best of luck with your Betfair trading.

  1. Mike 6 years ago

    I have tried to use the Automatic FatFinger in Practice mode. Where does it show if there was a profit over time?

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