Betfair trading – Getting a good entry or exit

Increase your profit with good entry and exit positions

There are many aspects of Betfair trading that can improve your long term profitability. One problem Betfair traders face is getting a good entry or exit trade. This can significantly help your long term profit whichever Betfair trading strategy you are using. Predicting price movements when trading is tough though, so sometimes it makes sense to, excuse the pun, hedge your bets.

You often see Peter trading using Bet Angel Professional and using the following tactic when he is trading pre-race horse racing markets. Whether Peter enters with a lay bet or back bet, he tends to not look for exactly about price moves but spreads orders in and out of the market. This strategy can be used on any market on Betfair. Not just horse racing.

To do what we are about to show you here, using the best Betfair trading software, is easy. Bet Angel has a facility that will let you do this easily, whether you are on the ladder interface, one click betting screen or any trading interface.

Creating a spread entry and exit in Bet Angel

Putting multiple positions into a market can help you achieve a good average entry, a good average exit or create some speculative trading positions for you.

While it’s a common trading tactic, it can also be quite a laborious and time-consuming effort as well. If you are a manual trader, have a look at the image below and guess how many clicks of the mouse it takes to place those 22 un-matched bets on the Betfair exchange?

If your using Bet Angel to trade on Betfair, the answer is zero clicks of a mouse! What about if you wanted to do the same on every selection within a market – at the same time?
Using Bet Angel the answer is still 0. Both can be done with a single press of a key!

OK so your unlikely to ever want to place a series of bets in this manner but something that you will likely want to do quite often is place a ‘spread’ of bets on one or perhaps both sides of the current price, or maybe near the top or bottom of a range or around a cross-over.

Well if you can place a bet at every price on every selection with a single press of a key then you can certainly place a smaller spread of 3,4,5 or however many bets you want around the current price or key area with that same push of a key.

How? One simple word – Servants

Let servants do all the work for you

Servants are just one of many unique features of Bet Angel and certainly one of the most powerful and innovative features which will enhance and help every manual trader no matter what there trading style or preference to some degree or another.

Using a Servant you simply instruct it where you want the bets to be placed, this could be at a predefined number of ticks or percentage from the current price
ie, you want to start your spread at the current reverse price and cover then following 3 ticks, or every other tick, or you might want to start a spread 5% either side of the current price and cover the next 4 or however many ticks thereafter.

Alternatively, you may want more control and want to specify where the spread starts depending on what’s happening in the market at that time, ie, you could be waiting for a reversal and want to place a spread of bets around where you think it’s going to end or you may be able to see a defined range and want a spread placing just outside of it.

The ultimate in flexibility

This is also possible and equally easy, all you need do is point your mouse cursor at a target price you want then press your key and your spread of bets will be placed. This is the way I prefer to do it but as it’s so easy to do either why not just have a key for both methods just in case!

What if you don’t want your spread of bets to use the same stake for every bet?

That’s no problem, you can define a percentage of a stake to be placed throughout your spread, so you might want 50% placing at the front price, then 15% at the next two prices followed by 10% at the final 2, so if you were using a £200 stake the spread of bets would be £100, £30, £30, £20, £20
In the image below a stake of £256 was used to spread out 3 bets at 50%, 25%, 25% (£128, £64, £64) starting 1 tick above and below the best reverse market prices.

How about if you want to place a spread of bets using a certain stake value on one selection then another stake value on a different selection immediately after? ie, spread £500 of bets on the fav but only £100 of bets on the 4th fav

That’s also possible and just as easy as you can instruct the servant to use whatever pre-set stake you currently have chosen for that selection.

Servants and the ability to spread bets are not just confined to just the ladder interface. If your preference is to use the one-click trading grid they can be used in exactly the same way even placing bets at prices outside those currently visible to you on your grid.

To summarise and to put it all into one paragraph you can place a spread of as many bets, covering as many odds as you want and on as many selections as you want using any values or percentage of a pre-set stake through the spread and all with 1 push of a key, and all this can all be done on either the ladder or one-click trading screens.

Every option is open to you

If you’re not opening a trade with a spread of bets, then why not still close a trade with one?

Whether your swing trading, scalping pre-off or doing an in-play strategy like Back2Lay using a spread of bets to exit is a great way of maximizing profits whilst also reducing your liability and therefore minimizing risk.

You could set up the servant so that no matter how much you have had matched you can place a closing trade equal to the matched amount and have it spread out across a number of ticks or as described above using various percentages all without the need to select a stake or input any values.
ie, you’ve just placed a £200 back bet but only had £78.42 matched at the start of a swing trade before the price begun to move away, press your key and the servant will place the required £78.42 to close the trade but spread out over several prices.

Spreading a series of bets is just ONE of the practically unlimited ways servants can be used to help and enhance your manual trading regardless of sport or whether its pre or in-play.

Want to give it a try?

You don’t even have to create or set up the servant from scratch, there is a ready-made one you can download from the Servants shared files section (see link below) that will already place a spread of back, lay or exit bets, all you have to do is just download, import it into Bet Angel and assign it to a key of your choice, then if required you can edit any element of it to make it spread the bets exactly the way/s you want.

Follow this link to download the servant from our forum –

You need to have a copy Bet Angel Professional to use Servants. Of course, we offer a free trial, which you can download. All the functionality in Bet Angel, including Servants, are available in practice/training mode. So you can experiment to your heart’s content without any risk to your money. Download a copy here: –

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