Betfair trading on a bank holiday

It’s that day of the year that you either love or hate. If we have a bank holiday Monday, we tend to call it Marmite Monday! On a bank holiday day in the UK, we have a whole bunch of horse racing. Something to celebrate? Well maybe, if it wasn’t all on the same day.

I’ve posted this comment many times in the past. But it’s worth reminding everybody if you have never traded a bank holiday weekend before.

Bank holiday racing

If you are not in the UK, Bank Holidays here bring an extra day off for many people. Originally enshrined in law in the Bank Holidays act, they are in essence public holidays. But bank holidays in the UK can bring varying rewards for varying effort. The late August Bank Holiday can generally not be that congested and because most of the racing is on the flat. The short race times allow many races to run without too many clashing.

If you switch to the boxing day public holiday then this can be a nightmare for clashing race start times. The mixture of predominately jumps racing means you will also certainty have a clash of start times because of the longer race lengths. Clashing races means the amount of money traded on a betting exchange reduces. This makes getting in and out of positions quite difficult if you are trading on Betfair.

The easter holiday period sees Good friday and Easter Monday mix things up again. Depending on when Easter is you may or may not get a nice mix.

How to trade bank holiday racing

The Late summer Bank Holiday generally isn’t too bad and you can find some opportunities in the card. As I write this we have 41 races and 35 races have five-minute gaps while 6 have 10-minute gaps. If all races go off on time, which seems a little optimistic, it could work well for certain types of Betfair trading strategies.

If you are waiting for a long move in the market, then you probably won’t see one on a public, or bank holiday. There just isn’t enough time. But if you are looking for a quick in and out on low stakes, you will probably get it. So if you are going to fire up your Betfair account that’s the trick to trading a day like this.

The late summer bank holiday is one I traditionally skip. Though automation means I never skip anything any longer. But from a manual trading perspective, if the weather is good I prefer to spend it with my family doing something, even if it’s just around the house or garden. We are inching towards the end of the summer season. As we reach this part of the year I’m pretty tired, so the chance to chill a bit if the weather is good, is just too tempting!

As the evening comes into play we now also have the US Open tennis. I’ll skip on Monday, enjoy some time with the family and start on Tuesday.

Whether you choose to enjoy the great British weather, the racing, Tennis or football, good luck whatever your choice!

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