Betfair login issues – Unable to connect?

If you have a Betfair account, whether it is with the Betfair exchange, Betfair sportsbook, Betfair app or in fact any number of Betfair accounts. You may experience problems connecting or using your normal Betfair log in from the 19th February. I know this affects Betfair UK but it may affect other countries as well.

Before we talk about this specific issue, If you landed on this page looking for the Betfair login page here it is: –

Betfair login security update

The Betfair login issue shows itself as a security error when you try to login. This message occurs because you are probably using an older version of Bet Angel and as of 19th February Betfair updated their security login protocols in keeping with best practices.

How this affects Bet Angel

Because you log in to Betfair via Bet Angel, we have had to update our software. Please ensure have you updated your Bet Angel to the latest version, if using Bet Angel Professional (including the server edition) in the bottom right corner of the blue login window it should state V1.51.2. If using Bet Angel Trader in the bottom right corner of the blue login window it should state V1.4.2

If not and it’s showing you’re still using an earlier version. To continue using Bet Angel please download and install the latest version from the appropriate link below: –

Each of the version of Bet Angel now has support for Betfair’s latest security updates required as of 19th February, until you update to one of those you will get an error when you use your Betfair login using Bet Angel. Don’t worry about any saved settings, layouts and automation files etc these will all still be there once you have installed the latest version.

Betfair ’s security update will also mean you will need to be running Window 7 with SP1 or above, anyone who isn’t and is still using Vista or XP will, unfortunately, need to upgrade their Windows too before being able to log in again via Bet Angel. Having the wrong operating system also mean that you will not be able to use your Betfair login on the website directly either. So you will need to do a system upgrade to continue to use Betfair.

For further details on the security update by Betfair please see this post from their forum: –

  1. John Adams 3 years ago

    My account with betfair was closed without any warning with £100 in it and since then I have not been able to get any reply as to how I can get my money back. I have come up against an electronic wall which I cannot penetrate. Can somebody please help me to get my money back. Thanks
    John Adams

    • Peter Webb 3 years ago

      There is not really enough information there to be able to advise. Usually, these sort of things occurs because you have not verified your account. But you should be able to confirm that from Betfair.

  2. Annie Gahan 3 years ago

    Hi. I can’t login to Betangel. Betfair returned the following message.
    An exception was thrown during login. The request was aborted. Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

    Why is this. Never had this problem before. I can login to my Betfair account no problem when I go straight to Betfair.

    Quick response would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Peter Webb 3 years ago

      Betfair upgraded their security protocols this morning. So a small number of people may not be able to log in via the API. Contact support and they can look to see what’s wrong on your current operating system.

  3. Hugo 3 years ago

    I am having the same issue too. Who do I need to contact? Betfair or Betangel?



    • Peter Webb 3 years ago

      Your OS may need updating as there has been another update since this one. If you are a Bet Angel customer, contact support as they will be able to help out.

  4. Edward Barry 2 years ago

    I opened a new account today deposited £50 but when I try to log in and bet it says my details are incorrect

    • Peter Webb 2 years ago

      With Betfair? What error message did you see?

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