The Best Betfair Tennis trading software

We are bound to say that Bet Angel is the best Betfair trading software for Tennis trading, but it’s not an exaggeration! Over many years, we have devoted a lot of development effort to achieve that specific goal.

Bet Angel is packed full of features that are a must-have for any Betfair trader, whether you are an established, or aspiring Tennis trader. Put yourself on centre court with the best features available, whatever Tennis tournament you choose to trade.

If you have never traded Tennis before have a read further down about FREE Betfair trading advice we offer.

Bet Angel’s unique Tennis trading tools

If you have never used Bet Angel before you will be pleased to know we offer a FREE trial – download a copy now to get full access to all these key features.

Most Betfair trading software is just limited to one-click betting and a ladder interface. But Bet Angel contains a massive range of supplemental trading tools. Some are designed just for Tennis, while others can be used across a range of sports.

Each feature is carefully crafted to optimise your trading by making it easier and quicker to either spot opportunities or trade them. Bet Angel will help your Betfair trading strategies by allowing you to spot opportunities faster and act them much quicker and effectively than others. Read up on all the key features in Bet Angel in the detailed user guide.

Here are some of the specific key features that will help if you are trading Tennis on Betfair, click on the link on each to learn more: –

Free Tennis automation files

If you want to have a play with automation or pursue a detailed strategy then we have created a range of Tennis specific automation files for you to use or edit to suit. You can download them from the forum: –

Learn to trade for FREE at the Bet Angel Academy

If you haven’t a clue where to start we have a highly detailed course on Betfair tennis trading available at the Academy. There are around 8 hours of detailed content available for free. Visit the Academy and enrol in a course and you will be trading Tennis in no time.

Sports trading Tennis markets

For people who are less familiar with Tennis trading on Betfair, here is an overview for you:

Tennis is one of the top in-play liquidity markets on the Betfair exchange. In a horse racing market, about 80% of money arrives pre race and the remainder is matched betting on the race in play. In Tennis it’s the other way around, most of the money is matched in-play. In fact, in most matches, more than 90% of the money is matched this way. The start times of Tennis matches are variable, so that explains some of the reason why the pre-off market is weak. But once a match is underway the market really lights up! The scoring format in Tennis tends to produce big swings in the betting odds which can present some excellent trading opportunities.

The Tennis season starts in Asia and moves across the globe following the major surface types and Grand slams. We start with the Australian Open, then the French Open and the European clay court season, before moving onto the grass courts of Wimbledon. In late summer we shift ‘across the pond’ the US Open at Flushing Meadows. Because of this schedule, you may find the start times for tournament vary dramatically over the year.

Of course, successful Betfair trading is all about knowing where the odds are going, anticipating price movement. Rather than guess, Bet Angel has a number of tools that will help you understand what is likely to happen given different score lines. Watch the videos on the Academy for some really in-depth guidance. Using our Tennis trader tool, you can carefully set up a trading plan before you trade a match. But you can also trade in the practice mode, which will allow you to test any Betfair trading strategy in a live market.

Bet Angel for FREE

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