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The Betfair exchange  – Getting more and less efficient at the same time!

The Betfair exchange – Getting more and less efficient at the same time!

One of the questions that people often ask me is whether the markets easier to trade than they were 10 or 20 years ago and are the markets on the Betfair exchange more efficient or less efficient now. The answer is an odd one.

Are the markets efficient?

If you ask me, are the markets more efficient? I can say to you yes and no because, curiously, as the markets have evolved both situations have transpired at exactly the same …

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Most and least volatile racecourses to trade

Most and least volatile racecourses to trade

I did a tweet recently that stated a little trading fact, that Chelmsford City was the most volatile course. I had a fairly immediate retort, that stated it wasn’t a fact but was ‘just’ an opinion. It was actually a carefully researched fact.


I’ve collected data on volatility right from day one of my trading journey and have built up a massive database of data. One of the things I study is how volatile the market is.

I measure …

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Volatility friend or foe?

Volatility friend or foe?

Volatile markets can be like rollercoasters, one minute the price is here, then it’s there, then it’s back to where it started.

There are two prevailing views on volatility, one is that it’s great because it creates opportunity and the other one that it’s a nightmare because a volatile market means more potential losses, which one is true?

I’m going to give you the first shot of an opinion. I’ve added a poll onto the main blog page where you …

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Madness and wisdom

Madness and wisdom

Are the racing markets becoming more or less volatile?

I can answer that with a definite YES. Yes they are becoming more and less volatile. Let me explain.

A few years ago I could pop an order in the market and wait for it to get filled. Now, if I go into a weaker than average race, like many this week, that doesn’t happen in the same manner anymore. If I get my staking wrong, the market takes one look …

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