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Betfair miss the chance for some great customer service

Betfair miss the chance for some great customer service

First off, on the plus side, the start of the flat turf season was a success, so that was a big positive.

On the downside; how would you feel if minutes into a game of football the match stopped and the team you just backed, decided to field a reserve team instead? Would you like your bet to stand? Thought not!

Yesterday at Meydan the Dubai Gold Cup had to be stopped mid race due to a fatal injury to …

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£1k account caused £600m Betfair error

£1k account caused £600m Betfair error

Betfair have issued a statement this afternoon outlining the error that caused the exchange to misfire. The full statement is here: –


But here are some bullet points:-

“This bet was placed by one of our UK customers trading the race via our API or Application Programming Interface (bdp.betfair.com/) using an automated program (a “bot”). Their bot had developed a fault causing it to try and place a very large number of bets on the Exchange. These bets were …

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How to lay £600m worth of bets on Betfair?

How to lay £600m worth of bets on Betfair?

That has to be the #1 question after yesterdays debacle in one of the feature races at Leopardstown.

To summarise, a mysterious lay bet appeared and stayed on the winning favourite at 29’s right up to the finish of the race. The ‘layer’ offered up £21m at 29’s creating a £600m liability. Betfair voided the in-running market.

Betfair have come out officially and ruled out that it was them or any account controlled by them or that they had a …

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In the thick of battle today, pushing in orders, moving them around, getting filled on some, not on others. Ducking in and around the market, taking some risk. Phew, great total on one race, great job. Celebrate by taking five minutes out and getting a drink before sitting back down to my PC.

Race void!

Doesn’t happen very often and it’s an unfortnate circumstance that has brought it around, but trust it to happen on one of the best results …

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