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September Salisbury and it’s importance

September Salisbury and it’s importance

Today we have a meeting at Salisbury, that’s not unusual at this time of year. But this meeting has some significance for all traders.

Why it’s an important race

Way back in 2003 Betfair published information on a specific race. Betfair went full disclosure on the race. It listed all the market participants what they did, how much they did, how many accounts were active overall and similar information.

On seeing this publication I just realised that it gave me …

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Whenever I see Salisbury on the card it reminds me of a document that Betfair published many moons ago.

I saw Salisbury on the card today and the same bell rang in my head, but also a bit of alarm at the two and three runner races on the card! How poor is that? But back to the main topic.

Back in 2004 Betfair issued a document that actually clearly laid out what a market looked like. In the document

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