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How to win (and lose) £45m in a few minutes

How to win (and lose) £45m in a few minutes

This week in 2011, we were treated to a day of spectacular proportions and this post relives that moment.


It’s a busy week between Christmas and the New year and once out of the Kempton meeting, we move into a quieter period. But Leopardstown still brings us some quality and is worthy of a look as the week wears on. I’m generally less convinced by other markets but will often trade them if an opportunity presents itself.

The are

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Nasty security issue with text betting?

Nasty security issue with text betting?

I’ve been messing around with SMS recently.

When you are running automation you can’t help but think, as you are guzzling down that drink at a party, how did I do on the 20:50?  So I thought it may be neat to look at SMS as a solution. I thought it may technically difficult to do, but it turns out SMS is a quite easy, if not an inexpensive option. That was when I discovered something else.

I quickly realised, …

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