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How evening racing is different

How evening racing is different

We have now started the evening racing in earnest and it won’t stop till the end of August. So you have four months to make hay while the sun shines, not forgetting we are in theĀ England, so it won’t shine much.

However, there are at least four different states that you see in racing during this period.

(1) Afternoon racing

This tends to me higher quality than the evening racing and will therefore trade differently.

(2) Evening racing


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Evening all

Evening all

Tonight sees the return of the ‘I’m not interested in racing, I’m here for the concert’ season.

But seriously, flat turf evening racing starts up again tonight and as we shuffle through the weekend. We also can herald the start of Windsor in the evening, which means we things are about to step up a gear. At least in quantity.

This is a perfect time for part time traders or people who want to try trading but don’t have much …

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