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Everybody needs a role model

Everybody needs a role model

I’m very excited to have pre-ordered Ed Thorp’s new book. I suspect it will go on my top recommendations list.

Principles to live by

It’s important in life to find something you can live by. Some principles, desire, a path to follow. Often you look to others to find that.

A long time ago, while still at school, I visited at a friends┬áhouse. There I stumbled across a Commodore pet. Learning to do some basic stuff on …

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FA Cup – Round four winners

FA Cup – Round four winners

Rather than a prediction this is a glance back. A look if the ‘romance’ of the FA Cup is still alive.

At the start of the third round, premier league teams made up 93.69% of the market. They now make up 80% of the market, the romance of an outsider winning the cup is still alive it would seem.

However, top flight four teams met each other in round three so we will have to delete these for the purposes …

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I fielded a question from somebody recently about the book% and what information does that contain?

I’ve seen quite a few theories about what the book% can actually tell you, but here is what it tells me.

At it’s most basic level the book percentage is merely a broad measure of the market. A big number of selections will equate to a big book% and small field a small one. This is due to the spread between back and lay …

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As this post got buried on the blog the last time I posted it, I have reposted.

I’ve been reading this book recently and it resonates with me. Of all the things I have done in life I have maintained most wasn’t talent, just hard work and lots of practice; but maybe that is how you acquire talent? I’m learning to play the piano at the moment. I’m rubbish, but getting more ‘talented’ everyday.

If your desire is strong …

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