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Manual or automated?

Manual or automated?

It was with interest this week that somebody pointed me to a blog post debating, or should I say justifying a stance on automated trading vs manual trading. Here is my angle on it: –

Financial markets

If you look to financial markets you have many aspects to it. High-frequency traders, slamming in positions in and out of the market to scrape a few cents per trade in as large a block as they can get through. A very specialist …

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Bet Angel now includes live Tennis scores

Bet Angel now includes live Tennis scores

We are delighted to announce Bet Angel professional version 1.39 has been released. This is a major upgrade from version 1.38. Key new features: –

  • Live tennis scores via Betfair.com now exposed via Bet Angel
  • Bet or Trade automatically based on underlying scores in a match
  • Improvements to the search feature
  • Improvements to Tennis trader

The new version of Bet Angel is available for immediate download. You can download and install from: –


If you are an existing Bet

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Automating your football trading

Automating your football trading

Bet Angel contains a very powerful automation tools. In this article we look at how this can help automate a simple strategy on football.

Automation is as simple or complex as you wish. To help you we plan to create a library of simple automation files that you can download and build upon.

For this automation strategy we will look at backing or laying the draw. We want to automatically place a bet just before kick-off then exit the trade …

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Automated trading

Automated trading

Early on in the development of Bet Angel I decided we should be able to link to a spreadsheet. Doing this meant that I & other Bet Angel users could experiment to their hearts content, create new views of the market or new trading tools using the spreadsheet. Since the first primitive implementation we have worked hard to add additional features so if you haven’t used it recently give it a try

There are many useful things you can use …

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