Trading Easter – Treading on Easter Eggshells?

It’s an important weekend on the racing calendar this weekend it’s Easter… which can only mean one thing. Easter eggs, Easter holidays, traffic james and permission to eat your body weight in chocolate. However, word has it that apparently there are plenty of other reasons why we should celebrate Easter as well.

It’s traditionally a time of family gatherings and other events and it times gone past there wasn’t much sporting action. However, there is now horse racing on this long weekend. Is it worth trading it?

The card for racing on the betting exchange over Easter is actually quite interesting. Traditionally Racing wasn’t run on Good Friday. After choosing now to race on a Good Friday the racing industry decided to break that tradition and in 2014 they started running racing on Good Friday. While there isn’t a great deal that goes on, there is one significant meeting which is Lingfield and the all-weather championships. This is a highlight for Good Friday if you choose to trade on that particular day.


When I started sports trading, for many years I wouldn’t trade on Good Friday at all, because there was no racing!

So I’ve sort of slipped into the mode typically of not trading on Good Friday. If the weather is good, that’s even more likely! Sometimes though circumstances conspire and I can trade it. I got a really decent result in 2017. But the result and the opportunity to do it are exceptions to the rule.


The Saturday card is pretty much what we would expect from a Saturday and there’s obviously a lot less racing on Easter Sunday. That being said, there is racing going on but I’m definitely not going to trade that. I tend to use Sundays to recharge my batteries. Fairyhouse has a good card this Sunday, but I’ll just put my automation on it.


Then we come around to the Bank Holiday Monday. This actually isn’t one of my favourite days of the year, because we are still in the jumps season and there’s going to be a lot of racing on Monday.

So it’s all going to fall in over the top of itself and be a bit of a mess. This is typically what happens and this is why I’m not particularly keen on doing much on Monday. It tends not to be very profitable and it’s not going to be worth the sacrifice of not being able to enjoy Easter weekend with the family or part thereof.

One race I will definatly turn up for is the Irish Grand national. At this time of year I’ve usually completed the double of a decent profit on the English and Scottish Grand National so I try to top that off with the Irish as well!

The bottom line is, it’s a mixed bag of events. As a consequence you may want to think carefully about whether you want to do it and if you do what targets you pick.


The Newmarket Craven Meeting is around this period, which is the first flat group racing of the season. This means we’re now in that crossover period, between the jump season and the start of the flat season. Therefore the Easter weekend does present some opportunities, but not standout opportunities. The reality is that due to the muddle of jump and flat racing at the moment it won’t present very clear-cut trading opportunities. Plus, the racing is generally of lower quality which means liquidity tends to be a little bit lower as well, which increases the level of risk that you’re going to take in the market.

To summarise Easter weekend isn’t a big weekend of racing and it may or may not be one that you choose to trade but you need to ensure you carefully pick and choose your opportunities. It’s a balance between what you want to do and your availability on this day.

With grown-up children now, they will be working or doing their own thing this Easter. That means I could trade it, but with a busy period of racing just around the corner, this is typically my chance to recharge the batteries ahead of a, hopefully, busy and long summer.

Trade without clicking a mouse with automation

Of course, I will be trading constantly over easter! By using the many automation features in Bet Angel, i can churn away 24×7 for me nowadays. But I still trade manually and that’s what I’m generally talking about here. But even if you are automating your trading then you should get some insight into this period through my comments on this blog.

If you are not trading using automation check out that section of the forum where you can see hundreds of example bots to download and modify: –

Bet Angel automation shared files –

If you automate some or all of your trading you can then be in the privileged position of having your Easter cake and eating it!

I hope you have a great Easter.

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